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Little Green Dude is a news site and blog dedicated to covering everything related to the Android mobile operating system and the hardware it runs on. We also occasionally cover updates about closely related products such as Chrome OS.

Our team crawls through the internet for the latest Android news and shares helpful tricks, tutorials and videos.

We also keep track of hacks, mods and ROM updates and review the latest device and app releases to keep our readers up to date with the most interesting new developments about our favourite mobile operating system.

Join us here and share your passion for Android and mobile tech with our team who endeavor to make this site a great place for Android fans to read news, tutorials, opinions and predictions all about our favourite little green droid!

Little Green Dude

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Our Team

All passionate about Android, meet the Little Green Dude team
Charlie Callow

Charlie Callow

Founder, Author & Editor

Vedant Mathur


Jennifer Birch

Henry Plumb

Henry Plumb

Social Media Representive

Salman Ahmad

Alexander Fu

Alexander Fu


Our History

Sharing a passion for Android since 2011

Yes, this really was our logo back then! Sorry-not-sorry!

If you think this is bad, take a look at what the site looked like as well as the logo BEFORE this marginal improvement.

Humble Beginnings

Little Green Dude originally started as a single author BlogSpot blog by Charlie Callow back in 2011, aimed at delivering occasional Android news and tips to fellow fans.

Back then Charlie was proudly using the legendary Google Nexus One, on which many of the posts to the site were actually written at the time.

A New Home

After some doubts in the latter part of 2011 on whether the site would keep going, it was decided it would live on. Little Green Dude moved from being a Blogger site to its new self-hosted home where it lives today at LittleGreenDude.com.

With the change in address and hosting, the site it got its first major refresh – a lighter look with more green!

Unfortunately, very little content was published this year while Charlie worked on other projects, but the existing content was imported across and kept publicly available.

Little Green Dude 2012
Little Green Dude 2013 Style

The Transitional Year

Posts started again but were not where near as regular as they have been in more recent times.

The site got another refresh mid year and two new team members joined to help out on social media: Henry and Geraint.

While the content delivery was not as regular as we would like it to have been, 2013 was a very important year because it laid the foundations for 2014 and beyond. Also, higher quality standards were introduced at this point and some of the older content was retired.

Now You’re Talking!

2014 was the year Little Green Dude really started to pull together and become the site it is today.

Along with yet-another site redesign, this year saw the addition of two new team members: Zachary and Vedant.

It was also the year we also hosted our first live blogging coverage of a major event (I/O 2014), launched our YouTube channel and introduced our new logo and branding with our cute waving Little Green Dude and more modern font.

Things are starting to get interesting…

Little Green Dude 2014


Today Little Green Dude is bigger and better than ever before and the future looks even brighter.

Already this year we’ve made significant progress and rather importantly we have now begun to generate a little revenue for the first time. This should help soften the expenses and secure the future of the site.

We’ve also got a whole new look (again!) as we’ve had many readers request we jump aboard the “Material Design” trend. We hope you like it and with some luck this look might just age a little better!

The team here is excited as ever for the future and hope that you will be here to enjoy the ride with us.

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