Nexus Tablet?


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Word has it that LG and Google are working together to create a Nexus tablet for release later this year.

According to information sourced by Russian blog Mobile-Review, Google plans to bring the ‘pure Google’ experience to tablets to. Though this time it will be interesting to see what advantages that brings as the main two reasons for wanting a phone from their Nexus range are being the first to get a new version of Android and getting a stock Google interface (as opposed to competing products which often come with carrier or manufacture modifications like Sense UI or TouchWiz). But of course in the tablet world most new tablets have stock Honeycomb and more to the point they are out already! So if Google release a Nexus tablet it will not be the first or be one of the only ones to have a stock interface?

Ah…unless….Google pulls a crafty trick and launches it with Ice Cream Sandwich! I personally feel that this is what they will do (possibly alongside a new Nexus phone?) as they have to be setting an example to the rest and push Android forward. Mobile-Review also say that LG was not their first choice of manufacturer. In-fact I think originally the Xoom was going to be the Nexus tablet but Google wanted something just a little bit more or simply couldn’t agree terms with Motorola. Still LG have picked up recently and they have one real advantage over other manufactures and that’s their new glassless 3D screens!

Glassless 3D HD Nexus Ice Cream Sandwich super-tablet anyone?

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