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A simple but helpful trick many of you may not know about: When writing in an input field Android, you can highlight a word (or a larger selection) and then simply press and hold to drag it around and reorder the text. Check out this GIF made by Android Police showing how this works:


This feature isn’t actually new, it has been in Android since Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) but many users likely hadn’t noticed. I must confess, although I believe I have used it before, I had completely forgotten about this feature myself! It really is a handy way to move text around and can save a lot of time when you notice something that is not quite right.

It doesn’t work in all apps though. It seems only to work in input fields such as sending a message in Hangouts or composing a post Google Plus but generally not larger text areas. This means you can’t move whole paragraphs around in Google Docs, for instance. Anyway, huge thanks to Android Police and SuperNanoCat on Reddit for pointing this out, we take no credit for tip this we just wanted to let you guys know!

If any of you guys have some handy Android tips you’d like to share (particularly ones you think others might not be aware of!) please do let us know in the comments or hit us up on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Via Android Police, Reddit
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