Google+ Collections Starts Rolling Out


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Only months ago rumours were flying that Google+ was in the process of being shut down. Many, despite having no evidence to support it, put faith in this rumour and have expected G+ to go the way of the Dodo. Those rumours were of course false and instead of winding G+ down, Google have instead added another feather to its bow.

A new feature is currently rolling out to users who use the website and Android app called “Collections”. The idea is that you set up different groups of posts for different topics and then post or reshare things that fall into that genre into the collection. Pinterest users will feel at home here. The feature works incredibly well considering it’s so new and there are many different customisations that can be made to a collection. You can change the theme colour and header photo, as well as restricting who as the ability to view a collection.

Another nice part of this feature is that it means you can follow someone but only see posts of a certain nature. For example, say you follow someone who has really similar interests to you in tech, but you don’t share his obsession with a certain female celebrity. If this were the case and they are making using of collections, then you could simply remove yourself from following their collection for said celebrity, while still having them in your circles and seeing their posts on other topics.

It’s things like this that really make G+ stand out from the crowd in my opinion. This is the only social networking site that allows you to upload photo and video without compression, cropping or scaling, post polls to get people’s opinions and then choose exactly who can see what you are sharing. Google Plus is the most interactive and useful website/app I have ever used to date. On Twitter I have around 1,100 followers whereas I have 826 on Google+. Despite this, I get far more interaction through G+ and people are generally much happier and more willing to engage in proper discussion. In fact without Google+ Charlie Callow and I would never have made contact and I wouldn’t even be writing this.

Really then is it any surprise that, rather than shut it down, Google are making G+ more useful than it ever has been before? It certainly isn’t any surprise to me. I use Google+ each and every day and that isn’t going to change in the near future. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have several notifications to read through.

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