Android Pay Looks Set To Arrive As Soon As Tomorrow


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This year at I/O 2015, Google announced that Android M (now known as Marshmallow) would be getting support for a new service called Android Pay. The company stated that Android M would be released sometime in Q3 and it had been assumed that Android Pay would be released along with it. However guidance given to staff in McDonald’s suggests the service could go live as soon as tomorrow! 

The following photos have been floating around the internet of what appears to be an internal announcement regarding the arrival of new mobile payment methods at all McDonald’s restaurants in the US.

Android Pay McDonald's Notice

According to the announcement, MacDonald’s are to start taking payment with Android Pay from the 26th of August, suggesting that tomorrow could be the launch day for the new mobile payment service. It also mentions the introduction of rival service Samsung Pay which was has recently announced for the US and Korea (with Europe to follow).

McDonald’s has instructed their crews to treat both new forms of payment just like Apple Pay, and decals will be distributed to all restaurants to inform customers of the new payment methods. The FAQ says that Google Wallet and Apple Pay will continue to work just as they have in the past.

If these dates are correct, will you guys start using Android Pay? Personally, I use Google Wallet for almost everything currently but Android Pay sounds pretty promising.

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