We Could Have Our Own Full-Sized Android’s In A Few Years!


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Ever seen the film iRobot? If not I’m sure you have seen others similar – set in the future with great big robots (around human size) that look and move like humans and are designed to serve their owners. Well….these sci-fi Android’s may yet arrive…..

This cute little guy is powered by a Nexus S and the brand new Android ADK. Okay he’s not quite Sonny or Short-circuit just yet but give it 6 months and Google could have new versions of this little fella that could easily give that Honda robot ASIMO and run for its money. And of course there is no reason why it should end there…

I will keep dreaming of a future filled with the Google “Android’s” strolling around the place. If Google do actually start producing big robots for sale in an NSR-style arrangement you know where to find me – in the queue!

Maybe though this is just me fantasising – would any of you buy one of these not-so-little green dude’s in the future? (should Google actually make them of course!)

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