Happy Birthday Android!


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Android CelebrationYes it was 4 years ago today Android 1.0 was released! And what a ride it been!

Google has been serving us round and rounds of delicious desserts, each one sweeter than the last. All the way from the Cupcake they drew us in with, to the latest round of Ice Cream Sandwich with which they are now seducing us!

Android has come along way since the beginning and has matured a great deal, becoming the most widely used mobile operating system in the word and in some countries even gaining a majority share of the smartphone market! Its growth has amazed us all and it seems to not be done growing yet.

During these four years, thousands of amazing devices powered by this miracle Linux-based OS from Google have launched and each one has helped push limits of what a mobile computer could do – whether in phone or tablet form (or any of the many other types of mobile computers that have been blessed with the brains of the little green dude).

Along this evolutionary journey there have certainly been ‘key devices’ though. Ones that were the most responsible for Android’s evolution and pushed hardware (and software) much further than any other phones. I my opinion those phones were (in order of release) the G1 / HTC Dream, the original DROID, the Nexus One and the soon to be released Galaxy Nexus.

However, I’m sure many of you have your own opinions on which devices shaped Android the most and so of course, as always, feel free to share those in the comments below.

I’m really impressed with how much Android has evolved over these four years. It has become an almost essential element of my daily life and I just can’t wait to see all that still lies ahead!

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