Apple Copies Android, Introduces Pull-Down Notifications For iOS 5


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So Apple has introduced yet another feature they will like to call “revolutionary” and that will no doubt get Job’s loyal subjects fans bowing before him again!

This “amazing new feature” is called Apple’s “Notification Center”. What it does is gather together all of the iPhone’s system notifications into a single location, one which can be dragged down from the top status bar of the iOS user interface.

As an Android user this probably sound more than a little familiar to you. That would be because it is pretty much a blatant rip off of the Android notification bar that we have enjoyed for years!

It looks pretty much identical. In fact, in terms of layout and function it near enough is identical. The only real difference is the visual theme. It’s not really any more different from the stock Android notification bar than ones under the manufactures UI skins (e.g. Sense and TouchWiz) that run on top of Android.

It’s a shameless copy and it really just shows the desperate times Apple are in, now that Android has the dominant position in the mobile space. This just seems like a pure lack of innovation from Apple.

Source: Phandroid
Image: Engadget

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