Android Wear 2.0 Coming On October 15th

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According to an unnamed source close the development of Android Wear, version 2.0 of Google’s new Android wearables platform is near completion and is due to be released on the 15th of October 2014.

At this point there are very few details about what we will actually see in this update but we suspect it will address many of the bugs people have experienced with this young platform so far. It is also thought that the new software will include support for bluetooth headphones and GPS.

This will be the second major release of Android Wear but we do not know for sure yet that Google will actually name it “Android Wear 2.0”, but is seems like a sensible name for now.

The update was referenced in an interview conducted by CNET but until now there was no release date attached to it.

The suggested launch date for new update would be timed well for the release of the new Android Wear devices we have seen at IFA which adds further credibility to the rumour. The update could also then be adding the required support for the new hardware.

For now we’ll just have to hang tight and see what happens but we’ll let you know if we find out any more.

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