Android Lollipop Already More Stable Than KitKat Or iOS8


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There have been many complaints about the stability of the latest Android release. It’s true there are a fair few bugs and issues which need ironing out still and people are right to complain, but we feel that it has been vastly exaggerated and the fact is: Android Lollipop actually crashes less than any mainstream smartphone operating system ever has!

That may seem like a shock to you but it is actually true. Each version of Android has been largely more stable the previous one and has (contrary to popular believe in certain circles) been more stable than iOS for quite some time. This has been shown in countless reports over the past few years.

So with that in mind, it is interesting to learn that a new report by Crittercism has found that iOS8 and Android KitKat (4.4) both actually crash more frequently than Lollipop, an update which if you read some news outlets, you may have been led to believe is almost unusable.

Obviously, being stable is not exactly the same thing as being free of bugs as you can have bugs which don’t cause stability issues per se and it is very important to remember that. However, this information should help to highlight the effect the media can have when it comes to over-blowing things well beyond their true proportions in reality.

As mentioned previously, there are still some issues which need addressing in Lollipop, some general things such as issues with memory management and other device specific problems like dialler performance on the Nexus 4, but we expect that the majority of these will be fixed in the imminent 5.1 update.

So go on, enjoy your tasty Lollipops in peace and don’t be put off upgrading or purchasing an Android 5.0 powered handset just because of the reports about instability. You’ll likely find that it’s generally pretty solid.

Source: Crittercism

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