Play Store Action Bar Becoming A Google Now Style Search Bar


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It looks like Google has another design change for the Play Store incoming. The main screen of the Play Store is seeing the traditional action-bar replaced by a search box, much like you’d find in Google Search / Google Now except with the Google Play logo where you’d normally just see “Google”.

The search box also includes the spinning hamburger icon which many people were disappointed to see covered up by the full-height navigation drawer in the last design changing update. It certainly looks pretty slick and is an interesting design change which could be a hint at things to come. See below what it looks like in action.

Play Store SearchBox Animation

The new look has a more modern and material-inspired appearance than the more Holo-esque input style we are used to seeing in most apps today. It might also provide a neat way of being able to have both a navigation bar which extends to the top of the screen and still make use of that beautiful hamburger icon animation.

For reference here’s a look at the way the Google Play app looks currently:

Current / Old Google Play Search

The change is apparently happening server-side so there’s no new APK we can give you, you’ll just have to wait until you are chosen by the Google gods. We haven’t been blessed enough to see it appear on any of our devices yet but it is expected to begin rolling out imminently.

We have been reassured by Google that this is not an action-bar replacement and will only be used “as appropriate” so don’t start worrying about another huge shift in design guidelines.  We should expect to see it appear on other Google Play apps much as Play Movies & TV soon too but only when the search button is pressed. This has also been shown off as you can see below.

Search Toolbar Google Play

It will be interesting to see if this style is adopted in some way for apps outside of those related to Google Play. Maybe this will be the new style for search across all of Google’s apps. I doubt it will often totally replace an actionbar like it will on the main screen of the Google Play, but maybe it will appear over the actionbar when the search button is pressed in apps like YouTube or Gmail, much like it does in the above Movies & TV example.

What to you guys think of the new design, do you feel it’s an improvement or a step backward? Would you like to see it in other apps as well? As always, we’d be interested in hearing how you all feel about this so do pay a trip down to the comments section below.

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