YouTube Gaming Released: Can It Kill Twitch?


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For some time, Twitch has been one of the biggest platforms used by gamers to host livestreams and videos of their games. The service has allowed thousands of users to watch their favourite gamers play live. Meanwhile YouTube, the biggest video streaming service on the net, was lacking as a gaming platform. They released some new features to the site such as an extremely buggy live streaming system, which was no competition to Twitch’s service. Now everything has changed. 

YouTube has decided to up the ante, and has released new platform: YouTube Gaming. This is a new YouTube environment made for gamers and comes with its own homepage ( and an Android application.

The YouTube Gaming app on Android can be found here. When installed, you’re greeted by a brand new interface with a red and grey colour scheme, a beautiful demonstration of Material Design, and all sorts of content made by YouTube gamers. Everything gaming can be found in this tiny 9.79MB package. Livestreams and prerecorded videos are all available to watch in this app.

If you can’t immediately find the video you want, there are multiple ways of searching. You can swipe to the Games tab where you’ll be presented with a list of trending and popular games. There is a Channels tab if with a list of channels you follow along with some featured channels and lastly, the Home tab which is where you can find all the latest and most popular content you’ve yet to watch. You can also use the search bar if you know exactly what you are after.

The YouTube Gaming service is supposed to work in every country YouTube is supported in, but many users are complaining about the application is not accessible yet through Google Play outside the United States, however sideloading the APK does seem to work in these cases. It’s probably just taking a while to propagate the store and should fix itself soon.

This platform is a brand new release and so things are bound to be a little buggy at first. In the Play reviews section, people are noting how the app can crash or get slow at times and how tapping on a button doesn’t do anything. This new service definitely needs some more work, but we can feel it’s going to be a winner.

YouTube Gaming is off to a great start already, with thousands downloads within the first few hours. Time will tell if it can take Twitch’s throne but one things for sure: Twitch is going to have some tough competition this time around!

YouTube Gaming
YouTube Gaming
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