New Amazon Service ‘Underground’ Offers Thousands Worth Of Free Apps


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For some time, Amazon has had frequent deals for free apps (including a free app of today), but now they look to take it one step further. Amazon has announced a new service called Underground, where users can get over $10,000 (or local equivalent) worth of apps and games for free without any in-app purchases. Amazon hopes this new launch will attract more people to use their app store over Google Play.

Underground is a new app which includes everything you’d usually find in the standard Amazon shopping app but with the addition of a large catalogue of apps which are actually free. They are able to do this by compensating developers based on the usage time of their apps (sort of like how Spotify pays artists based on the number of plays).

When opening the Amazon Underground app (It shows as “Amazon” on the app drawer), you’re greeted with the usual Amazon app interface, but you see a lot of free app deals. Many types of apps are presented here, from utility apps like OfficeSuite Professional 8 to games like Goat Simulator.

Amazon has said this program is long-term, and it will replace the old free app of the day promotion. They have also said that they will continue to expand the variety of apps and products as much as they can to attract more users.

Currently underground is available in 4 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Germany and France. The app must be downloaded from the Amazon site here as Google Play polices prevent the publication of any apps which themselves distribute other apps (for security reasons).

Amazon is doing some amazing things to benefit Android users, and Underground is no exception at all.  Thanks to Underground, we get quick access to a lot of savings and from now on, everyone can safely enjoy a large selection of truly free apps 100% legally and without any in-app purchases. Kudos Amazon!

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