Gingerbread Getting Music Sync In A 2.4 Update?


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Google Music was first demoed back at Google I/O 2010 but we have seen very little development on it since. We have heard several times throughout 2010 that this new music service from Google was about to launch, but this latest report looks promising. This makes me hopeful that it might actually go live before Google I/O 2011.

Music Sync Toggle

Included above is a screenshot courtesy of GizmoFusion showing a device running Gingerbread with a “Sync Music” option within the accounts and sync dialog. This suggests that music integration will be OS level like contact sync, Facebook, and calendar sync. This is good because it was previously speculated that it would be integrated into the stock music app but this way 3rd party music players should be able to enjoy wireless syncing to Google Music as well. It will be interesting I think to see how this will affect DoubleTwist Airsync which is currently a charged addon to DoubleTwist’s Android music player.

However, lots of other questions also remain unanswered. Where did this build of Gingerbread come from? Is it actually the Android 2.4 build we have recently been hearing rumours of? What do you guys think?

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