eBay’s barcode scanner reaches 9 million downloads


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RedLaser, the barcode scanning mobile app that eBay acquired from Occipital last year in June, is now nearing a staggering total of 9 millions downloads.

RedLaser is an app for Android and iOS that uses barcode scanning technology to allow users to compare shop prices on any item in store with those for the same item in other nearby stores as well as online shopping sites simply by scanning the item’s barcode with the smartphones camera.

Now RedLaser is by no means the first app to offer this functionality. In fact there are many other apps with exactly the same function: Google Shopper, ShopSavvy and QuickMark to name a few – but this one does have particular appeal because it is lightning fast and has one of the highest success rates of any of I used.

Since eBay added the feature last autumn you can also use the app to scan QR codes so here’s one for you to try the app out on:

QR Code


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