Monty Python’s “Ministry of Silly Walks” Now An Android Game

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Probably one of the best known sketches from the classic British comedy Monty Python, The Ministry of Silly Walks, has been made into a new game for Android and is now available on Google Play.

The game is of the endless-runner genre (like Temple Run etc) but is in the style of Monty Python. If you are a big a fan of the show like me, you’re going to love this!

You play the role of John Cleese and you have to silly walk as far as you can while collecting coins and avoiding collisions with obstacles such as post boxes, birds and spilled tea. It may not be the most original in its game-play style but frankly that does not matter in the slightest!

Ministry Of Silly Walks Android Game
Gameplay: The Ministry of Silly Walks

Like many running games it gets faster and harder the further you walk. You can also redeem your coins for new suits and boosts to help you walk further. The best parts about the game are the soundtrack and the visuals and those are what sets it apart from other games.

The game costs 99p ($1.68) in the Play Store and you can grab it using the widget at the bottom of the page. Here is a video of what it looks like:

And just for laughs, here is the original sketch to remind yourself…


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