Yellow Nexus 5 On The Horizon?

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A couple of odd things have cropped up on the Android website lately which seem to suggest that a yellow Nexus 5 may be on the way.

Yellow Nexus 5
A LGD Mockup of the Nexus 5 in Yellow

Firstly, we saw that in the section describing the Nexus 5 the description it stated “It comes in black, white, red, and yellow.” This could have just been a mistake but that seems a little unlikely given where it was posted. Google have since removed the mention of yellow and hasn’t made any further comment on the matter but that does look a bit suspicious.

Furthermore, TechDroid claim to have found the image below on as well (although it does not seem to be there now either) showing a Galaxy S5 GPE and what appears to be a yellow Nexus 5. Neither of which exist on the Play Store as of now.

Yellow Nexus 5 Leak From TechDroid

Neither of these are firm evidence that there definitely will be one but they certainly both point to the same thing. It would also not be so improbable given that there is already a bright yellow Nexus 5 bumper and all the other bumper colours have corresponding device colours. If they do release it, it would fit in well with the suggestions of Android L possibly being called “Lemon Meringue Pie”.

Nexus 5 Bumper Colours Already Include Yellow
Nexus 5 Bumper Colours Already Include Yellow

We will update the post if we hear any more on the matter. What do you think? Will we see a yellow model of the Nexus 5? and if we did, would you want one?

Please note: the first image at the top of the page is not an official photo but is one we made in an image editor so don’t get too excited just yet!

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