Google Chromecast Now Available In Ireland


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Gran’ bars folks, de Oirish can nigh enjoy castin’ ter their tellies as Google ‘as jist announced dat Chromecast is nigh available ter purchase an’ use in Oirlan’. Yer shud al’ be ‘appy oyt nigh!

Okay, for those of you are lost on my poor Irish slang, as you probably gathered from the headline, Google have now made the Chromecast streaming dongle available to purchase and use in Ireland. The wait has been long but the timing makes sense since it has been just a matter of days since Google launched Google Play Movies there.

The device costs €39 from the Play Store, which is pretty much exactly in-line with the UK price of £30 when you convert it and so this figure should be no real surprise. It is obviously not as cheap as in the US but that is often the way of it when it comes to electronics pricing in Europe.

Still, the Chromecast is a very cheap device which lets you wirelessly cast content such as music, films, photos, webpages, YouTube videos and TV shows from your mobile device running Android or erm…you know, that fruity platform. You can also now use it to cast your Android’s display to big screen which will mirror the entire contents of your screen in real-time with a very low latency (much better than Miracast).

I am sure that those in Ireland will be pleased to get their hands on this incredibly popular little device. If that is you then go ahead and order one right here. The device is listed as shipping in 1-2 days so you can have it in your hands in no time at all.

‘av a deadly craic!

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