Google Plus Gets Chromecast Support


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Google Plus has certainly been getting a lot of update love recently. Last week, it received an update which tweaked the design, and also brought back a greatly missed feature. Before the big design overhaul a few months ago, if you shared an item to Google Plus, a picture or a link for example, from outside the G+ app, it would ask which page or account you’d like to share it with. That mysteriously disappeared, but now,  thankfully, it’s back.

Now it has received yet another update. Several months ago, some code was found in the G+ app that suggested Chromecast support may be on the way, but then nothing happened. Today, however, the wait is finally over. The Cast button appears in the top right corner next to the circles drop down and once activated, will display a brief wizard telling you how to use app with your Chromecast.

While casting, you will be able to browse through posts manually, or allow them to cycle through automatically using auto-play. If a post with an image is displayed, the image will fill the entire screen, putting the post’s text at the top, and source at the bottom. Unfortunately, the Cast stream doesn’t support GIFs.

Dexter mad about lack of GIF support

It also seems that, much like the OK Google everywhere feature in Google Now, the Cast feature is being enabled on a user by user basis through Google’s server. So, if your app has updated, but you don’t have the cast button yet, don’t fret. You should get it soon.


The update was first released onto the store a few days ago so should be available for everyone now but if it isn’t hit the source link and grab the APK from Android Police. If you don’t have the app installed you can grab it from the widget below:

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Source: Android Police

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