Rumour: Google Nexus 6 & 9 To Launch Tomorrow Via Announcement On Android Blog

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Google Nexus LaunchAn anonymous source has allegedly confirmed that tomorrow is the day we’ve been waiting for: the announcement of the new Nexus devices and Android 5.0. According to the source Google will again opt to announce the launch with a simple post on the Android blog rather than a big launch event as is tradition for other companies in the mobile space such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony and Apple and like we saw for some of the earlier Nexus launches.

A few possible reasons for a quieter launch have been given including 1. Google is still putting the final touches on Android L 2. Some of employees who used to take to the stage for Nexus launches no longer work at Google and 3. The past two Nexus phones were pretty popular despite not having big launch events so why change?

Now while it has been said that tomorrow will be the day of announcement, it is still widely believed that the new devices will not actually go on sale until early November so you can pop your cards back in your wallets for now! This would be in-line with the past new Nexus launches which were also announced in October and then released the following month.

The devices that are expected to be shown off tomorrow are a HTC-built Nexus 9 tablet and a Nexus 6 ‘phablet’ by Motorola. There have also been suggestions from other sources though that we may in fact see more than two Nexus devices tomorrow with rumours including a smaller Nexus phone, a Nexus version of the Moto Hint, a Nexus smartwatch and a revamped Nexus 5 / Nexus 5 64GB model. We are not sure of the legitimacy of those rumours however.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow all be known but until then, hang tight – things are about it get exciting!

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