Upcoming HTC Nexus Tablet Gets WiFi Certification

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It has long been rumoured and speculated that HTC was building the next Nexus tablet codenamed “Flounder” or “Volantis.” Both codenames have cropped up multiple times in such rumours as well as in official Android changelogs and seem to reference the same device (Google gives all Nexus devices two codenames).

However, now it has appeared again in a Wi-Fi Alliance certificate which clearly states it is a tablet, it is made by “HTC Corporation,” and it runs AOSP Android L. It also includes the codename “Flounder” in the firmware version string.

The document doesn’t really tell us much else about the device other than the fact it will have WiFi AC. Though admittedly that was basically already a given based on past information. What it does do though is confirm that not only does this Nexus tablet exist, it probably isn’t all that long away.

You can see the details from the certificate below. If you want the entire document you can grab the original PDF from the source link at the bottom of the article.

Wifi Certification Document - HTC FlounderOne final point of interest is not about the tablet itself but something we noticed in the firmware version: “L LMP”.

Could this suggest that Android L will be called Lemon Meringue Pie? It’s certainly possible. Remember that Key Lime Pie (the name for 4.4 before they switched it to KitKat) was denoted by KLP in firmware version strings. If logic follows then, the name for 5.0, based on this information, should fit the acronym LMP (assuming Google don’t make a last-minute change to troll us all again!).

Source: Wi-Fi Alliance (PDF)
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