Asus Might Unveil An Android Wear Device At IFA 2014 [Updated: Practically Confirmed]

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Asus just teased a big announcement for IFA 2014 in a post on Google Plus featuring the above image. They haven’t explicitly said what sort of announcement this will be however we think the keyword here might well be “time”. We could well be wrong but our suspicion is that Asus may be preparing to launch their first Android Wear powered smartwatch at the event.

We already know Asus are an Android Wear partner so it is not really a question of if they will make an Android Wear device, but when. Having just seen this announcement and considering the fact that Motorola are rumoured to be announcing the release of to Moto 360 during the same event, it would certainly make a lot of sense if that “when”, was IFA 2014.

Another interesting thing to note from the post though is that they use the word “transformed”. This may not sound like a big deal to some of you, it sounds like any typical marketing buzzword, but for Asus the word could mean rather more.

You see, Asus make a whole range of “Transformer” tablets which dock into a clever hinged keyboard dock with a trackpad and built-in USB ports to bring about a laptop / netbook style experience. They also have the PadFone with a similar philosophy which transforms from a phone into a tablet and in some models into a laptop or desktop too.

Anther theory then is that this could be a reference to a new Transformer product instead of a watch, or could it somehow be both? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out for sure but why not take a look at the original post (below) and let us know what you think it means in the comments!


Asus just posted get another update, including the following image, which adds further weight to the possibility of them announcing a new smartwatch at IFA.

Asus IFA Teaser 2

This certainly looks suspiciously like a smartwatch to us, what say you? Also, whatever this turns out to be, Asus have confirmed you will be able to stream the unveiling live from their Facebook page here:

Count us in! We’ll let you know if anything develops further between then and now.

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