Google Now Is Going To Support Cards From Third Party Apps


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Google has just announced on their official “Inside Search” blog that the Google app is to soon receive an update which will allow third-party apps to show cards in Google Now, something that has been much requested by users and developers alike since its inception.

Google Now 3rd-party cards

Google has teamed up with “30+ developers” to add new cards for apps including eBay, Pandora, Lyft, TripAdvisor and many more. You can check out examples of all the different cards on the Google Now landing page and a full list of integrated apps and services here.

Google have said that they expect the number of integrated apps to expand with time however we are not sure if they will be releasing a public API for all developers to use or if this will be limited to approved apps.

Here is how they describe the new functionality:

Starting today, the Google app on Android can help you keep up with all the good stuff in 40 different apps at a glance—it’ll bring you Now cards to help you out with your day-to-day life, giving you information that’s helpful to you, right when you need it.

In the morning, catch up on news of the day with cards from The Guardian. On your commute, Pandora can give you recommendations for music to play, based on what you like, or you can be reminded to complete your daily French lesson on Duolingo. During your downtime, you can take care of the groceries, with a card from Instacart reminding you to stock up on the things you often order. If you’re planning a trip and looked up places to stay on your Airbnb app but couldn’t make up your mind, you’ll see Now cards from Airbnb for the location and dates you’ve researched. And when you land at an airport, you’ll see a card to order a Lyft.

Google says that the roll-out will take place over the coming weeks starting today so keep your eyes peeled for updates to Google search and the supported third-party apps.

Check out the full post from the source link below.

Source: Google – Inside Search

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