Asus Solves The Dress Colour Debate With Clever Marketing


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If you’ve been on the internet at all lately (and if your reading this, I’d presume you have) then you have probably come across a million and four pictures of a dress taken with such a colour inaccurate camera that the world is arguing over whether it is white and gold, or black and blue. However, Asus feel they have the answer.

Asus seen this as opportunity to demonstrate the wide array of colour options for the Asus Zenfone. They today posted the following Google Plus post showing that the Zenfone is available in all of the colours people are seeing in the dress.

Indeed, we do think the Zenfone offers a pretty impressive colour lineup and we must give Asus kudos for this brilliant marketing idea. Thankfully their device colours are slightly less ambiguous than those of the dress! Although as it happens, there was some debate about the colour of their “Amethyst Gray” TF700T once, although I think people just gave in and dubbed that “gurple”.

As for the dress though, it is really a case of your mind and eyes playing tricks on you. The colours in photo are actually a sort brown and a grayish blue/purple colour but our minds are naturally compensating for the obvious error in the photo and trying to guess how the dress SHOULD look.

If you increase the contrast of the image and brighten it up, it looks clearly like white and gold. However, if you increase the contrast but darken the image, it will look purple and black. How it looks to you is mainly whether your brain has decided the reality is lighter or darker than it is represented in the image.

The lighting of the room you are in and the brightness of your display can also affect which direction (towards light or dark) your brain thinks the pictures needs to be adjusted when it attempts to compensate for the (clearly rather poor) image to make it a more accurate representation of reality.

So there you have it, a marketing joke from Asus and serious response to the debate from me. Now can we all please stop arguing about a bloody dress!? That said, if you wish to debate it in the comments, feel free!

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