Google Giving Away 2GB Free Drive Storage For Reviewing Your Account Security Settings


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Google are trying to make all our accounts as safe as they can possibly be, but they can only do so with our help. Now let’s be honest, most of us are often too lazy to check the little things that can later turn out to be important. To give us incentive, Google are now offering 2GB of free lifetime Google Drive storage to anyone who completes a small security check before the 17th of February.

The check just confirms everything is as it should be with your account, and aids you in activating more security measures if available. They also say that they would appreciate it if we carry out the check every few months so it may be worth bookmarking it. Please note that users of “Google Apps for work and education” are not eligible for this offer.

After you’ve gone through the checkup successfully, you’ll see three green checkboxes (see below) that confirm you’re eligible for the free storage and, more importantly, that you’ve taken steps to enhance your online safety. We’ll be granting the storage automatically to everyone around 28 February 2015 and we’ll send you an email when your adjustment is complete.

Drive Review complete notification

It feels like there are reports of big companies being hacked on almost a weekly basis, so it’s comforting to know that Google are doing all they can to keep us safe. Just remember that they can only do that if we work with them, so remember to change your password every so often and not to use the same password for everything. Reports made recently suggest that a significant number of passwords are insecure and could leave us vulnerable to attacks.

Let’s hope Google’s measures do the trick and we don’t see anyone’s account being comprised. Don’t want my private collection of bacon pictures being leaked online now do we? No, ‘the baconing‘ is definitely something we want to prevent.

Hit the source link below to claim your 2GB of storage.

Source: Google

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