Listen To A Choir Of 300 Android Devices


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Some amazing Googlers over at Google Tokyo have come up with what is probably the most unusual choir there has ever been. They took 300 Android phones and tablets and painstakingly programmed them to “sing” with each other. Not only that, they also matched this up with dancing Androidify figures on-screen to perform the song. The result is amazing, with the sound and visuals working perfectly.

Yuko Akiyama, Google’s Head of Device Marketing in Japan, explained in a blog post the reasoning behind this project:

“A lot of people play music on their phones, but what about using those phones to make music?”

Well why not indeed – it certainly worked! It is incredible to hear those Android devices making sweet music in perfect unison.

They even shipped the setup to California for Google I/O last month. It’s a shame they didn’t get one set up at I/O extended, that would’ve been great!

Android Choir At I/O15
The Android Choir performing at Google I/O 2015

This one of the reasons I love Google, I just couldn’t see anyone else doing this sort of thing! One wonders if perhaps they should also release this on Play music. They could have a hit on their hands!

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