LG G Watch Now Available For Order! [Update: And Now It’s Gone Again!]

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This post was published 9 years, 11 months ago. Due to the rapidly evolving world of technology, some material it contains may no longer be applicable.

Just a little while ago, the Moto 360 appeared on Mobile Fun’s UK website with a price £199.99. Now it’s the turn of the LG G Watch!

Mobile Fun (again!) have leaked this device although this time it is the US site and they are actually taking orders. They’re also promising an expected delivery date of 7th July.

The device is listed with a price of $255 (£150). This may look a considerably lower price than of the Moto 360 but actually is likely going about the same once you factor in taxes and price differences on tech between the UK and US. This is about on par with expectations for the G Watch although we were expecting the Moto 360 to be the pricier of the pair.

This could also mean that all the Android Wearables are going to have the same price point which would leave choice down simply to preference. This also gives a good guideline for the US pricing of the Moto 360 ($255).

Update: The LG G Watch briefly appeared on the UK Mobile Fun site also for a 7th July preorder but at a price of £180! So it looks like the G Watch WILL undercut the Moto 360 but not by as much as originally anticipated! It also pins the 7th as a likely international release date. The listings on both sites have since been pulled. We wonder if someone just got a telling off!

Google I/O is kicking off today and they are expected to announce the next Android version, and most likely at least one of the Android Wear devices (we expect to see 3-5 over the course of I/O). It’s also possible that the G Watch will make its way into attendees coveted goodie bags.

The final specs of the G Watch are still largely unknown, rumours suggest a 1.6 inch display, 4GB of storage and a 400mAh battery. Whilst that battery doesn’t sound like much, LG say that the device should get a 12 hour screen on time at least, and will only take 2 hours to charge. That’s impressive stuff!

Which Android Wear device are you looking forward to most? The G Watch? The 360? The fabled Galaxy Wear? Some else from HTC or Asus? Let us know in the comments. Whatever your flavour, tomorrow’s announcements should whet your appetite for what is to come.

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