Moto 360 5.1.1 Update With WiFi Finally Rolling Out


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Android Wear 5.1.1 has been out for a few weeks on most smartwatches now but the Moto 360 saw some delay which (according to Motorola) was due to some performance issues they needed to work with Google to iron out. However, today the update is ready and has started rolling out OTA right now.

The update brings standalone WiFi functionality, improved battery life, smoother performance, new app and contacts menus, as well as a few other smaller tweaks and bug fixes.

Motorola have confirmed the roll-out has started, but as with any Android OTA update this will be gradual process and could take up to a week to hit all devices. And no, repeatedly tapping “System Updates” will not speed the process up! So, save your fingers the bother and your smartwatch the battery life of doing so and you’ll have it in good time!

If you get the update before we do then be sure to let us know who the update goes and how you find it.

Source: Motorola – Google Plus

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