Nexus 7 2012 Gets Very Early Port Of Android L Preview


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Wow! We bet you didn’t expect this! XDA Junior Member “500 Internal Server Error” (yes that is his username, Little Green Dude is working just fine!) has managed to create a limited port of the Android L preview for the 2012 version of the Nexus 7 from just the contents of the SDK system images, existing 4.4.2 ROMs for the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 5 Android L image. Nexus 7 2012 Android L PreviewOfficially the only devices to see the preview images of Android L so far are the Nexus 7 2013 and the Nexus 5 with no luck for owners of the Nexus 4, 7 2012 or the 10. I don’t expect that we’ll see official previews for these at any later point either so this is a port is a really pleasant surprise.

Here are some photos of it in action (big thanks to Mike Bemer for these!)

Now we should stress that this is a very limited build as it stands. Android L is buggy anyway and is experimental even on the Nexus 5 and 7 2013 but this is much, much worse. To build a proper Android L ROM you would need at the very least the source code for Android L which has yet to be released and ideally updated versions of the proprietary hardware binaries.

That said, it does boot and it is very impressive that this has been achieved, even if by the creators own admission it is at this stage “pretty much useless”. Here’s what works currently and what doesn’t:

What works:

  • The boot animation
  • Touchscreen
  • Sound (partially)
  • Screen rotation
  • The Settings app
  • The camera

What doesn’t work:

  • Installing apps (!) – dex2oat is crashing, so no installation of apps
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Everything else

However, people may still be interested to try it so they can see first hand what Android L is like so far. Luckily the developer has made it to work with MultiROM so you can install this alongside your normal ROM and dual-boot, alling you to experiment with L without giving up your devices functionality completely.

If you want to download and install this preview you can get it along with instructions over at the XDA thread here: If you do so, please bear in mind that it is extremely experimental and you use it at entirely your own risk.

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