Moto G GPE Gets 4.4.4 Update [Download]


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The Google Play Edition (GPE) Motorola Moto G will is now receiving an OTA update from 4.4.2 (KOT49H) to Android 4.4.4 (KTU84P). This is a fairly minor update although it fixes some bugs and important security flaws from Android 4.4.3 which the Moto G GPE is skipping over from 4.4.2. There were some more noticeable improvements in 4.4.3 though such as some visual tweaks to the “People” app which will now be available to Moto G owners in 4.4.4.

Moto G GPE 4.4.4 OTA

The OTA rollout has started but it may take between a few hours and a couple of weeks to hit your device. If you are feeling impatient though, the OTA zip file has been captured and can be installed using the ADB sideload feature. If you have a custom recovery we recommend flashing back to the stock one from fastboot to do the update as they tend to be safer and more reliable for official updates.

You will also need to remove root, Xposed framework and any system modifications so that it passes the system verification. This is also true of the OTA when you get it not just when flashing manually. You can flash TWRP (or whatever recovery you use) back and restore root after the update has completed.

For those who need to revert their /system partition and recovery back to stock GPE to complete the update we have included the official Moto G GPE 4.4.2 recovery.img and system.img which you can flash using fastboot (e.g. fastboot flash system system.img) prior to doing the update. This will also not remove any of your apps, data or relock you bootloader. If you’ve not unlocked your bootloader or rooted you will not need any of this just sideload the OTA zip while in stock recovery and be done.

To perform a sideload you will need your device in recovery and in sideload mode. This will require you to have ADB installed on your pc and if using Windows the correct drivers for your device (drivers not required on Linux or Mac). To bring up the recovery menu when in stock recovery (in order to go into sideloading mode) press power and the volume up simultaneously.

The process can take a while to complete so please be patient (especially patching system). Downloads below.


By downloading these files you accept that you are entirely responsible should using them cause any damage to your device. Do not flash this update unless you are using a Google Play Edition Motorola Moto G currently running KOT49H.

OTA Update


File Size: 161MB

MD5: 55a1714dcf2fdb160c6d4e80c0a4545e

System and Recovery IMGs


File Size: 411MB

MD5:  705daccdfe59506fb796179db114cccc

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