Moto Maker Goes Live In The UK


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Moto really means business with this one. As of now, you can design your custom second generation Moto X and see how much it’ll set you back. There is, however, a downside. You can’t actually order it yet. Ordering will probably start sometime next month.

“What’s the point of customising one now?” You may ask. Well I’ll tell you. You can have the design emailed to you once you are done, and that email contains a “finish and buy” button. That means you can design your phone now, so that you can buy it as soon as it’s available and not risk them running out of stock.

So what’s the experience like? Well it’s actually pretty good. It works on PC, tablet and mobile which is a nice touch, and it offers the same level of customisation as last years X. The base price is £419 for the 16GB with plastic trim. Expanding the storage to 32GB will set you back an extra £40, and the leather or wooden backs add an extra £20 onto the base price. Engraving and changing the colour of the base material doesn’t add anything to the cost however. It’s also worth noting that there are currently no cases available, but they are said to be coming soon.

The fact that Motorola have released Moto Maker here in the UK, and the fact they’re selling the 32GB, within the same timeframe as the rest of the world makes me very happy.

When I bought my Galaxy S4 last year I actually wanted a Moto X. Two things stood in my way.
One, it wasn’t available in the UK until four months later. Two, they only sold the 16GB here. Considering I have over 20GB of music on my devices, that was never going to be enough. I definitely get the impression that Moto want us to take the X (2014) more seriously.

So, are you planning on buying the new Moto X? I know am! So long as the powers that be (hi Mum) give me the go ahead. Regardless of whether I make one mine, I’ll definitely try to get my hands on one to review.

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