HTC One M9 Update Improves Camera, Heat And Battery Life


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HTC is pushing out another update to the One M9 which will supposedly bring better thermal management as well as significant improvements to battery life and camera performance.

The update brings no change in the Android version (still 5.0.2) but it does contain some important fixes and improvements. The first of which is the battery life, which should be quite noticeably better post update thanks to some changes to HTC’s Sense which aim to ensure that it doesn’t keep your device awake so much while the display is off.

Also in this update, new tweaks to the thermal management of the Snapdragon 810 SoC have been made to help ensure the device does not run too hot. This will certainly please many people because since the M9 is a metal phone, any heat generated by the device is quickly felt in the hand.

Finally, a number of enhancements have also been made to the camera performance. These should bring better balanced auto-exposure, more accurate colours (no more odd yellow and green hues to photos) and reduced noise in low-light shots.

We’re sure this will be a very welcome update for M9 owners since it addresses some of the biggest complaints with the device. It remains to be seen just how drastic these improvements are, especially to the camera. If they are as effective as HTC claim, the changes could also put the One M9 back on some people’s upgrade radar – particularly those who were put off but the less-than-stellar image quality we’ve seen from the camera up until now.

The update started rolling out to devices in Europe on Wednesday and those in North America will follow in due course, pending the usual carrier approvals etc. The update is version 1.40.401.5 so that’s the number to look out for. Once you’ve got it, do let us know how you find the improvements.

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