Nexus 6 Price Drops In The UK [Updated]


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The Nexus 6 has just received a massive price drop on the UK Google Store, not long after Motorola put it on offer. The 32GB variant has dropped from £479.99 to £303.99 and has gone from £549.99 down to £378.99 for the 64GB model.

Update: It seems Google made a mistake and never intended such a significant price drop on the Nexus 6! A spokesman said they only meant to drop the price by £80 (which is still a fairly significant saving) but a “technical error” lead to a much larger discount of £175. Those who were lucky enough to have ordered at that previous price already will get to keep their deal but the price has now been fixed for future orders and will cost £399 for the 32GB version and £479 for the 64GB model.

That is a considerable price drop for a phone that isn’t even 10 months old yet and is still one of the best devices out there right now. If you’ve eyed up the Nexus 6 in the past but the price has put you off, perhaps this will finally tempt you in.

I purchased my Nexus 6 about two months ago and haven’t regretted it since. It’s clearly a beast on paper and it delivers in the real world. No other device I’ve used has delivered this kind of performance consistently without any slow downs.

If the new price has you interested then be sure to head over to the Google Store and take a look. This appears to be a permanent price drop rather than a short promotion but with Google you never really know so you might want to act fast!

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