The Nexus 6 Is Tantalisingly Close, Here’s What We Know

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It’s Nexus season again and things are heating up. Today we’ve seen Google re-arranging the Android lawn statues (likely in preparation for a new tasty addition!), we’ve seen new Android adverts which even showed us the Nexus 6 and now Evan Blass (@evleaks) has just posted the clearest look yet at the new device in what appears to be a leaked official render (not another of the fan-made mock-ups as we have seen thus far).

It is all but official now and we are all pumped and ready for the supposedly imminent launch of Android L and the new Nexus hardware. What we’ve decided to do to keep us going until Google fully spills the beans is bring all the juicy bits of info we have on the Nexus 6 together in a single image to show you what we know as of now. It’s sort of like putting the pieces of the puzzle all together.

This is the result of that completed puzzle:

Nexus 6

She looks beautiful, doesn’t she? We are still hoping that Google has a smaller version of this beauty that they’ve managed to keep hidden away somehow, but I guess we will just have to wait and see. Either way we are incredibly excited for the big unveil, even if we’ve already peaked under the curtains!

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