[Rumour] Best Buy Can Upgrade Your S5 To Lollipop And Remove Carrier Bloat

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According to a Samsung Experience Rep over on Reddit Best Buy can now upgrade almost any Galaxy S5 straight to lollipop, even bypassing the carriers. The only carrier that isn’t supported is T-Mobile but all others are included, even small carriers such as Boost and Virgin. According this guy, they can use SMART to flash lollipop onto your S5 within five minutes completely free of charge.

He points out that only stores with a dedicated Samsung Rep can offer this as regular Best Buy employees would be unable to do this upgrade. He also claims that it’s a pure ROM that has no carrier bloat, which is probably the most interesting thing here. So far I can’t find anyone who has successfully had this done to their phone so take this with a pinch of salt.

Have you managed to upgrade your S5 through Best Buy? If so please let us know as we’d love to confirm this.

Source: Reddit

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